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Today: 5/28/17

Contact Information

To Contact River Delta High/Elementary School

Mailing Address:

500 Elm Way

Rio Vista, CA 94571

or Contact Us by Phone, Fax or Email

Phone (707) 374-1719

Fax: (707) 374-2898

Principal: Nicholas Casey

Secretary: Bonnie Selph

Instructor: Janet Spangler


To Contact the River Delta Unified School District:

Mailing Address:                                   
River Delta Unified School District
445 Montezuma
Rio Vista, CA 94571-1651

Or Contact Us by Phone, Fax or Email:
Phone (707) 374-1700
Fax (707) 374-2995  

For the Superintendent's and

Board of Trustee's Office -
Contact:  Jennifer Gaston,

Executive Assistant (707) 374-1711